Principal Speaks …

Children are the Priority,
Change is the Reality,
Collaboration is the Strategy

Dr. Surekha Kulkarni
B. Ed., M.Com., Ph.D. (Business Administration)
Principal, Horizon Academy(ICSE), Nashik.

Dear Parents and Readers ;

With this fact in mind, we at Horizon Academy have provided the students a proper structured school system with values which contribute to the development of the society.

Formulating and executing the policies properly leads to the efficient functioning of the system. Transparency, accountability, integrity and responsibility are the noteworthy features of the efficient management of the school.

We encourage effective communication and dialogue between parents and teachers to better understand the needs, abilities and aspirations of their wards. We do not advertise as a school, instead let your students be our brand ambassadors. We encourage students to follow their dreams, enjoy what they do to deliver their passion. We try finding areas throughout the curriculum where we can apply teaching concepts related to sustainable living and build on those. To ensure that we are building culturally tolerant, socially responsible, environmentally conscious, morally astute and ethically upright citizens. we must strengthen the students’ engagement with society.

We are confident that our schooling system is only going to grow better with time with this collaboration and our mantra to this effect is “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Finally I assure you that the management and the team of efficient and experienced teachers are doing their best to give your child the required edge to mark in this global world.