NCC Selection Round

The main objective of NCC is to groom the youth of the country into disciplined, responsible and patriotic citizens. It aims to develop character, commandership, discipline , leadership, secular outlook , sprit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.

With the same aim, the Selection Round was organised for the students of Gr. VIII and IX. The students participated actively in this NCC Selection Round.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) was established in INDIA on 16th of April 1948. It was established to fulfil the need of soildures in Indian Army. The moto of NCC is ‘UNITY and DISCIPLINE’. NCC is a perfect mixture of Physical training and Mental stability. It also helps students to improve their General Knowledge. Basically we can consider NCC training as nation building as well as personality development course.

Co-relation of NCC with personality of students.

Main aim of NCC is to build patriotism in student’s mind. To train them so they can become officer’s in Arm forces. Physical training is a part of training as well as personality development is focused in NCC. By marching Discipline is embarbed in students mind and body, Physical training helps student’s to be physical fit and strong. Rifle shooting helps them to improve their concentration. NCC exams helps them to improve their General Knowledge. Leadership and commanding improves their ability to make their own decisions. NCC develops 15 Officer Like Qualities in students like, Effective intelligence, Reasoning ability, Organizing ability, Power of expression, Social adaptability, Co-Operation, Sense of Responsibility, Initiative, Self-confidence, Speed of Decisions, Ability to Influence the group, Liveliness, Determination, Courage, Stamina.

Overall, NCC is not only for those who wants to join Arm Forces, but it is for everyone who wants to develop their own self.


Upcoming Events.

Rifle Shooting.

Combined Annual Training Camp.

Thal Sainik Camp

Tree Plantation.

Cleaning Pared.

Adventure Activities.

Sports Activities.


 The first ever NCC Camp was held at Horizon Academy (ICSE)  from 26th December to 31st December.
 Our young NCC troop explored activities like Drill, Model Making, Weapon Training, Map Reading, Trekking. Guest lectures were conducted     successfully. We extend our great thanks to CO- Col A K Singh Sir , AO-Col Rakesh Kaul Sir and PI staff for their guidance and support throughout.
 National Cadet Corps(NCC) is a powerful medium for developing patriotism, values, hard work, honesty, devotion, determination towards goal and
 discipline among the youth.
 We Horizon Academy ICSE have launched a programme to provide training to our school children,on the lines of NCC in a bid to inculcate defence
 mechanism skills & cultivate habits of good citizenship among the students.
 Sharing few pictures for the beginning of this memorable journey.
 NCC students were energetically involved in the “Cleanliness campaign” that was held in the school. This campaign included the cleaning of the 
 surroundings outside our school campus by picking up plastic items that were lying all around.