Music Department

We believe that each child is like a piece of a Music, having an individual tune and rhythm of its own.

Our regular music classes are conducted in two ways to increase the rhythm and melody sense of each child.

 We teach them different language songs based on several occasions as per there edge group.

 They sing and they play too, so they enjoy their regular music classes with lots of fun and enjoyment.

 They get shortlisted for choir group and band group from yearly music exams. So we have large number of children for singing as well as for playing instruments.

 Shortlisted choir group and band group children get chance to perform on several occasions, celebrations, competitions, regular assemblies.

 We have instruments like djembe, congo, china block. Sticks which everyone play in different activities and gets motivated to learn them.

 For depth learning of each instruments we have several music clubs like vocals, harmonium, Tabla, Keyboard, Guitar.

 Those who wish to learn these instruments from grade 3 to grade 8 comes in zero period every day and learn with the fun.

 We conduct regular Gandharva Music Exams for selected children.

 Music should become a medicine for each child when he or she will grow and become a responsible citizen this is our goal.


Musical performance by horizonites

Song written & composed by Music Department


Haq hain hamara video
Here is an exceptional video which has gone to be the feast for the eyes for our cherished and valued Horizonites!
Few words which amplify the message in the video!
Kholna hai har pinjara, meri udaan abhi baki hai,
Manzeelein zameen bhar nahi, Aasmaan chuna abhi baki hai,
Lehron ka tham jana hai nai samundar ki bebasi,
Bahar khamoshi sahi andar kai tufaan abhi baki hai!


Haravali pakhare

On the dreadful Pandemics., on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.,
A small but emotional Candle of HOPE from Horizon Academy, to our students, with this Heart Touching Song…



Independence Day

When our Fight with the Corona Virus was on but our young horizonites have made impossible! a possible.

For each function sour choir group sing songs on patriotism but due to lockdown it was not possible to have a group song, but as we do things creatively every time so on this situation also our choir group children performed in group through video.

This individual video was taken by each one of them from different locations, after which we have merged all the videos together and made a one nice video which was played on the short function in from of few guests and audience.

In those tough times they did not let their guard down but also they have come together to unveil their patriotic spirit.


Retro ke rang bacchon ke sang

First time In the history of Horizon Academy, we have organized a musical and lyrical fun for our children and parents too. A Duet Singing Competition with a twist of Retro Theme!

In this competition we have received a huge participation from all the classes from which we have selected best ones for the final round.

This final round was online in 2021 and offline in 2022. In online concert all the participants were singing songs from there home and in 2022 the concert was held in the school. This concert was live on facebook from school official account.

All the participants were very happy and excited to perform on the stage.