The beautiful and well-designed Campus has

Spacious classrooms with their own courtyard gardens which the students develop and maintain

A well stacked Library with thousands of books for students as well as teachers

An AV room with the latest in audio-visual technology

A Toy room with toys designed to make learning fun and exciting for children

A Computer Lab with state-of-the-art computers and projector

Well-equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology practicals

Facilities for various sports activities with a large playground and adequate equipment for various indoor and outdoor sports

A Digital Class setup, enhancing the teaching-learning experience of the students.

Well designed Art Room, Music Room, as well as Dance Room.

A huge auditorium cum ICSE Exam hall for carring out cultural activities, symposiums and workshops as well as ICSE Exams.

Health, Counselling and Remedial Tutoring Facility for students and parents.

CREYA learning studio is the first studio among Nashik schools which emphasize on students hands on activities. CREYA learning is based on STEM education which includes the aspects of all four fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Middle school students will start their learning experiences.

A fleet of school owned buses to ply students to school and back