Dance Department

Whether it is lord shiva that has performed Tandav nruty in ancient era or a baby when start moving in the womb of the mother…. These all are the examples of the word “Dance”

 Dance plays the important role to develop the personality of the child, children get help to discover their emotions, expressions, happiness, joy and fun when they dance.

 We teach different dance styles as per the age group of the children for which we have created our own syllabus and methods too.

 Number of the children takes part in competitions, performances, celebrations, activities through dance department.

 We have Dance clubs apart from our regular dance classes in which we teach Kathak and bharatnatyam for children to get to know about the classical form of dance.

 We are keen on giving different experience and enrich the lives of the children with the beauty of dance to make their life more beautiful and rhythmic .


Some of the events were organized as follow:

Investiture Ceremony Dance performance by horizonites


Classical Dance Competition BARKHA

The classical Dance Competition named “BARKHA” was organized Virtually by the Dance Department, Which was held in month of July 2021. Where students had performed on various classical songs based on the theme barkha. And performed very beautifully on each song showing the beauty , happiness, grace and each moment of rainy season through their dance.