The beautiful and well-designed Campus has

  • Spacious classrooms with their own courtyard gardens which the students develop and maintain
  • A well stacked Library with thousands of books for students as well as teachers
  • An AV room with the latest in audio-visual technology
  • A Toy room with toys designed to make learning fun and exciting for children
  • A Computer Lab with state-of-the-art computers and projector
  • An early-learning lab for 'learning through technology'. This is a lab which works on the U.S. based Waterford Program' which encourages students to actively explore their world through music, art, literature, videos, and game-like activities. Children thoroughly enjoy the engaging activities, characters, and lessons while imbibing a solid reading foundation as well as basic Maths and Science skills
  • Well-equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology practicals
  • Facilities for various sports activities with a large playground and adequate equipment for various indoor and outdoor sports
  • A fleet of school owned buses to ply students to school and back
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